One soul

One soul is connected to all souls.

Together, we stand united for the future of our children, youth, parents, and families.

Through this sentiment, we underscore the importance of safeguarding and taking into account the well-being of upcoming generations.

We must determine what is truly in the best interest of the child, taking into account parental resources and competencies. This consideration should be made with respect for ideological, religious, and cultural differences.

It's essential to recognize and understand that parents, as autonomous individuals, should have the liberty to decide what they believe is best for their child and to fortify the family unit. Such decisions should be free from the influence or control of any state or organization.

It is crucial that definitions regarding the rights of a child's health and well-being don't turn into dictates that diminish a parent's rights. These rights are based on logical and rationally well-founded opinions and beliefs that genuinely oppose the UN and certain organizations with specific interests and agendas. These entities, today, undermine a parent's conviction about what is truly best for the child.

It is up to a parent to ensure, based on their best convictions, how their child is socially and academically stimulated in their developmental process. Neither the UN nor any state should define what is right or wrong against a parent's ideological beliefs regarding what is best for their child.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child represents a significant threat to humanity and our collective future.

One soul and all the negative energy based on a storytelling program's ones believe system, called BS.

One soul doesn’t question, because the truth is clear, and one knows what is right.

One soul sees the enemy has a flag, that under order needs to be defeated. But the truth is, one soul is connected to all souls, living human beings, but all divided depending on which BS (bullshit).

BS are the enemy, and not the one soul connected to all souls. If we had no BS, we would have no wars, only peace and healthy souls.

A true story from December 24th in the year 1914.

The nightmare of all generals occurred: The soldiers laid down their arms and celebrated Christmas with each other. Germans, French, and English soldiers flocked to the trenches, singing hymns, exchanging gifts, and playing soccer. Eventually, the generals had to resort to harsh punishments to restore the BS, so they could restore and secure the fighting spirit.

This very real and historical example shows that we as one soul, want peace and love, but the power of BS as the invisible enemy; the storytelling from our leaders and those organizations in power are tremendous. Every soul is motivated by either reward when believing the BS or punishment when not agreeing. This is done by them in power for all costs needed, humanly and financially.

These are just my reflective observations, based on experience from conversations and concrete knowledge directly from the sources, which I try to put into another perspective.